The Right Way to Sharpen Serrated Knives

Just like any other type of knife, serrated knives need to be sharpened regularly so that they can do a great job in the kitchen. Take into account the fact that these knives cannot be sharpened using the same device as you would use for straight-edged models. If you do not know exactly what to do, then here is the right way to sharpen serrated knives.

Get the right serrated knives sharpening tool

Remember that these models need a different sharpening tool than the straight-edged ones. What you actually need to do is to look for a sharpening tool that it is made of ceramic. These products seem to be the best ones for sharpening serrated knives. Therefore, invest in a quality one, in order to have all your knives look and work like new.

Apply the sharpening tool to the beveled edge

This type of knives do not look the same from both sides. On one side, the face of the blade actually continues at the same angle to the edge of the blade. On the other side, the face of the blade angles down, just before the serrated edge, and this is actually called the bevel. What you actually need to do is to apply the sharpening tool only to the beveled edge.

Place the sharpening rod in the gullet

This is another important thing that you must do, in order to make sure you will obtain a perfect result. Gently place the sharpening rod in the gullet, while actually keeping the rod at a shallow angle, in relation to the beveled edge.

The next step is to sharpen each gullet

For a wonderful result, you need to use short strokes. Once you have sharpened each groove, you need to run your fingers along the backside of the groove, so that you can check if there are any metal shavings. If you feel a burr, then you have definitely sharpened the groove enough.

Don’t omit to file away all the burrs

It is very important that you do not omit to file away all the burrs. In order to eliminate them, you need to rub the back of the knife against a sheet of sandpaper. You could also gently run the sharpening rod against the backside of each groove. You just need to be careful not to apply too much pressure than it is actually necessary, in order to remove the shavings. If you are looking for the right way to sharpen serrated knives, then by reading the information in this article you will definitely know exactly how to achieve your goal.