Rice Cooker Buying Guide

The rice cooker is one of the most useful kitchen appliances. It uses the absorption method and helps you cook some delicious meals. However, before purchasing a rice cooker, you need to consult a guide which will list features and different tip on how you can choose the right rice cooker for you. Therefore, in order to help you, we provide you with a rice cooker buying guide.

Consider the rice cooker’s size

When we are talking about size, we refer at the cups, because the rice cookers measure their capacity by cups. Small units can provide you with three or four cups, which are ideal for couples, while larger models will make about 10 cups, which should be enough for a family with 4 members. There are also some medium models which can cook 6-8 cups of rice.

Rice cooker’s design

The rice cookers can be found in three design styles, such as egg-shaped, pot style and cool-touch style. Therefore, the egg-shaped rice cooker has a futuristic look and it features an advanced digital programming panel in front of the pot. On the other hand, if this is your first cooker, you need to know that the pot style will fit you more than other models. Its Japanese design features an inner pot which is placed in the rice cooker body. Moreover, it has a removable lid. Besides these two models, you can also find the cool-touch rice cooker. This is one of the safest models of rice cookers. Its lid can be open with a hinge and can be locked during cooking, producing a tastier rice. Additionally, you can also remove it inner pot.

Basic fuzzy logic

A rice cooker is a sophisticated machine which was programmed to use fuzzy logic. Actually, this means that a rice cooker should provide various settings for different ingredients including porridge, sushi rice, brown rice and even for rice texture. Moreover, the machine can have terms such as ”slightly” or ”almost” in its process. Fuzzy logic cookers can even take into account the weather conditions. So, on a cold day, most rice cookers will increase the heating element and cook the rice more slowly.