Must Have Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

We all know that it is quite hard to clean the kitchen, due to the fact that it is the dirtiest room in a home. However, with the right cleaning products, you can obtain wonderful results and also spend far less time with the cleaning. Here are some must have kitchen cleaning supplies that will help you achieve your goal.

Microfiber cloths

You need to make sure you have microfiber cloths in your house, at all times. They are absolutely perfect for cleaning your kitchen appliances. They do not scratch the surfaces, as they are very gentle to touch. Furthermore, they are also perfect for cleaning the windows in your kitchen as well. Therefore, do not omit to get plenty of microfiber clothes next time you go shopping.

Dusting spray

A dusting spray is absolutely essential. It is highly recommended to go for an anti static one, so that you don’t have to deal with too much dust on your furniture. If you invest in a quality one, then you will definitely not spend too much time with the cleaning, and you will have more free time for you and your family.

All-purpose cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is absolutely wonderful for any kitchen. It can help you remove any type of dirt, from the counterop, or from your kitchen appliances as well. You can even use it for cleaning the floor as well.

Furniture polish

If you have wooden furniture in your kitchen, then you need to get a quality furniture polish. This will help your wooden furniture to last a longer period of time. Moreover, it will protect the wood, and make it look like new. The furniture polish also adds a beautiful glow to the wood.

Floor cleaner

This is without a doubt one of the must have kitchen cleaning supplies that you need to have in your home at all times. It is important to go for a quality one in order to make sure your floor will be clean and also disinfected very well.


Sponges should also not miss from your kitchen. Make sure you get different sizes. You will need the sponges for washing the dishes and for cleaning different surfaces that you cannot clean with a microfiber cloths.


You definitely need gloves. No matter how long it takes the cleaning, you need to protect your hands, and you can do that by wearing gloves at all times. Go for a thick pair, for a higher protection.