How to Sharpen Food Processor Blades

Any kitchen appliance that has blades faces the same fate at one point, more precisely the blades get dull and the appliance becomes useless. But with a kitchen appliance like the food processor, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw it out. Instead of wasting money on a new food processor, continue to read our article to find out what you need and how you must proceed to sharpen the blades of your food processor.

Use the Jewelstik CN10 10-inch knife sharpener

When the blades of the food processor go dull due to prolonged and intense use, you must use the Jewelstik CN10 10-inch knife sharpener to restore the blades to their old shape. This sharpener comes at the price of around $22. The superior diamond coating that it features makes it ideal not only for sharpening food processor blades but for kitchen knives as well. It’s lightweight and easy to use. It ensures efficient sharpening due to its lens-shaped steel shaft. After each use, make sure that you clean it with soap and water, after which you wipe it dry with a cloth. This will prolong the life of the knife sharpener.

How to sharpen the food processor blades

Now that you have the right sharpening tool, it’s time to explain exactly how to sharpen the dull blades of the food processor. Hold the food processor blade by the plastic spindle. Make sure that you keep your finger away from the metal. Grasp the Jewelstik CN10 10-inch knife sharpener with your free hand. When you hold it, make sure that your fingers curve underneath the knife sharpener, and rest your thumb on top. This way, you will have increased control over the sharpening tool. Hold the knife sharpener over the edge of the blade. Next, move it away from you in a continuous sawing motion until the tip of the sharpener is on the farthest edge of the food processor’s blade. Make sure that you don’t put too much pressure when you sharpen the blade to not damage it. Repeat this movement 4-5 times. Afterward, turn the blade over and repeat the same movement another 4-5 times. When you’re finished sharpening the blade, rinse it and let it air dry before putting it back into the food processor.