How to Organize Your Kitchen Tools

No doubt about it, your kitchen is the area of your house that contains the most utensils and tools that turn out to be useful while you cook but can also become a pain when it comes to storing them. No matter how hard you try, your kitchen tools never remain in place and you constantly need to make room for them. You can forget about this and you can organize your kitchen tools in the smartest way possible if you keep reading our article.

Keep them in colorful jars

Who says that you need to keep your cutlery, spatulas, and other tools locked inside a drawer when you can ingeniously display them so the will always be at hand? Some colorful glass jars can help you keep all your utensils in one place and in sight without being disturbing. Take some jars, paint them in nice colors to match your kitchen d├ęcor and write on them the category of kitchen tools they will be holding. Put all the jars in a basket or on a shelf to always have them within reach.

Magnetic attraction

Keeping the knives in a drawer can be dangerous if you reach for something inside the drawer and you are not careful with the sharp blades. Luckily, you can store the knives elsewhere so you will prevent accidents and you will also keep the kitchen tidy. Magnetic bars on a wall next to your cooking surface is a smart way of keeping your stainless steel knives in place and away from the reach of children.

Use the cabinets wisely

The inside of a kitchen cabinet door can become the perfect storage place for kitchen tools because the little space available is perfect for small spoons, spatulas, whisks, or tongs. Use several small hangers or a bar with multiple hangers to keep all your utensils out of sight but within reach at the same time.

What about that vertical drawer?

A pull-out vertical drawer is a must in any kitchen furniture because it manages to capitalize every inch available and can be the perfect place for storing kitchen tools. Regardless how slim the drawer is, you cam always use it to keep there your kitchen utensils so you can keep the larger drawers for larger items.

Get creative

Make the best of your kitchen space with some wall bars that can hold some cute and simple containers with your kitchen tools. Depending on the rest of your kitchen decorations, you can opt for aluminum, plastic, or wood bars and containers and mix them to create interesting combinations.

Use drawer dividers

Last, but not least, your kitchen tools can be kept in order with some drawer dividers that will prevent them from spreading and mixing. Choose the dividers that match your drawer size so you will use every corner of the storage space you have. This way, even the smallest items will be easy to find every time you need them.