How to Choose a Quality Knife Set

Although it might seem that buying knives is not such a difficult task, it turns out that you need to pay great attention to what you are buying if you want to enjoy the highest quality knives. If you want to always have sharp knives that make cooking a delight, you must know how to differentiate a high quality knife from a regular one. Regardless the type of knife you need, use our knife buying tips when shopping for a quality knife set.

Hold each knife to see how it feels

A knife set will have many knives and you need to test each one. Regardless how fancy the knife looks, it needs to feel comfortable and easy to handle for it to be considered a quality one. Before buying a knife set, hold each knife and see how well you can maneuver it, how the handle feels, if you can get a good grip of it and how safe the blade looks for cutting your ingredients. A quality knife must look and feel solid and well constructed so it will last for many years to come.

Check the knife’s balance

It’s said that the best things are the ones with a perfect balance and this also goes for kitchen knives. When buying a knife, you need to examine its balance and see how well the blade and the handle have been balanced. Hold the knife horizontally with the blade down and put your finger at the finger grip at the blade-end of the handle. The knife must stay balanced without too much weight in the blade or the handle.

Carefully analyze the handle

The handle of the knife must be made of a strong material whether it is wood, plastic, or resins and you should avoid soft woods or antique bone knives because these become fragile over time. The hilt of the knife must be well joined and must be resistant to pressure, considering that you will be pressing it many times while cutting. The blade must be inserted through the hilt and very well tightened, without any gaps that could alter the knife’s resistance or hold food pieces that will grow bacteria.

The blade is also important

Last, but not least, a quality knife must have a solid and sharp blade that will cut through anything. Regular knives have stainless steel blades that becomes dull easily nut you can also find carbon steel knives that are prone to rust and need to be avoided. Forged blades are the best because forging makes the blade stronger and more resistant to wear. The width of the cutting edge of the blade must be of maximum 1.5 cm so the knife will easily cut both soft and hard foods.