Advantages of Convection Microwaves

Among all the oven types available on the market, we couldn’t miss to notice the convection microwave that brings plenty of advantages that can change your cooking style. If you haven’t considered getting one at home, this article will prove you how efficient and versatile this microwave oven can be.

Convection microwaves cook faster

Given how busy people are nowadays, any appliance that helps them save time is a real treasure and so is the convection microwave. The cooking time is significantly shorter than in a regular oven for most recipes so you can finish cooking in half the time normally required. Without a doubt, this is one of the most appreciated advantages of convection cooking.

The food is tastier

The convection heat used by this microwave guarantees that the food resulted will have a better taste than cooked in another method. The fact that the heat travels inside the oven and penetrates the food from every angle guarantees an even cooking without removing flavors or nutrients.

You can save energy

Considering that the cooking surface of a convection microwave is smaller compared to a normal oven, it will need less energy to heat and to finish cooking a meal. Also, there are fans inside the oven that circulate the hot air so the cooking efficiency is increased, hence the shorter cooking time and the lower energy consumption.

A convection microwave takes little counter space

If you have a small kitchen or you want to use the convection microwave as a second cooking choice, you won’t have to worry about space. This type of oven is more compact and easier to fit in a small size kitchen without sacrificing cooking efficiency. It is perfect for students who have to share a small kitchen or for homeowners with small houses.

You have a variety of cooking options with a convection microwave

Unlike the regular ovens that limit your cooking alternatives, the convection oven allows you to cook almost anything and it even works for reheating food. You can cook any kind of meat, vegetables come out perfect from this oven, you can even make great desserts. Whether you want a soft meal or you need a crust on your meat, this is the oven to use.

Cleaning the microwave is a breeze

When you think of an appliance that is hard to clean, the oven is the first that comes to your mind and, let’s face it, who likes to clean burnt grease? With the convection microwave, you can forget about this tiresome chore because cleaning will take minutes thanks to the small size. The pans and racks are also very small and easy to clean and there are few places where grease could drip.